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What We Do

Our mission has always been to engage in community development and spread the art of giving in the Czech Republic.
What does that mean in practical terms? At the Via Foundation, we focus on growing the number of people in the Czech Republic caring and working collaboratively to improve their communities, giving to help others and trusting others. In order to make this happen, we focus on two key areas:
Community Development and the Art of Engaging in Community
We seek out, connect and support individuals and groups of people changing their communities for the better. We support people who take the initiative themselves rather than waiting for others to intervene; people who work together to make Czech cities and towns come alive again. Specifically, people who transform and revitalize public spaces, restore neglected small monuments or organize neighborhood gatherings – shaping community life and doing whatever is needed in their communities to bring people together.
Philanthropic Development and the Art of Giving
Via seeks to make giving a normal and regular part of life in the Czech Republic by supporting the idea that giving isn’t only for the wealthy; anyone can be a philanthropist. You can give others your time, energy, knowledge or money. Our philanthropy development work focuses on young philanthropists, on recognizing inspirational stories of giving, and on publishing the quarterly journal Art of Giving. We share inspiring stories from the USA and western Europe, where philanthropy and self-help are more established than in the Czech Republic.
Our work at the Via Foundation wouldn’t be possible without partners striving for change. Our partners include individuals as well as people working collaboratively, groups of people, non-profit organizations, companies, municipalities and church and community organizations, which we support through financial grants, education and other forms of technical support.
Why do we focus on these two areas? We believe that the art of engaging in community and the art of giving are the cornerstones of a free society, a high quality of life and a better future for the Czech Republic.
Our vision is a society in which people act freely and courageously, accept responsibility for themselves and their community, and where giving is a regular part of life.
Freedom, meaningfulness, responsibility
We are a private independent Czech foundation, which was established in 1997 to carry on the work of the Czech office of the American Foundation for a Civil Society. Since then we have supported almost 4,000 projects. Since 2005 two partner organizations – Friends of Via in Pittsburgh and Via civic association in Prague – have complemented the work of Via Foundation.

Important Contacts

Address: Jelení 195/9, 118 00 Prague 1
(Tram no. 22, Stop: Brusnice – between the Prague Castle and Pohořelec stops)
When you can reach us
Monday – Friday 8:30 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.
Tel.: 233 113 370, cell phone: 608 538 083, fax: 233 113 380
e-mail: via@nadacevia.cz
Bank account no.: 705705705/0600 at GE Money Bank, a. s.
Business ID: 67 36 01 14, Tax ID No.: CZ 67 36 01 14
Via Foundation is incorporated in the foundation registry at the Municipal Court in Prague, Section N, Insert 395.
Data box no.: rehhukq
Carol Hochman
Friends of VIA
P.O. Box 82556
Pittsburgh, PA 15218

For the media

Would you like to learn more about what we do?
Are you looking for interesting stories about how people are changing the Czech Republic for the better?
Contact Zdeňek Mihalco: zdenek.mihalco@nadacevia.cz / Tel.: 739 681 824

Foundation Leadership


Jiří Bárta
Executive Director
Jiří Bárta’s job responsibilities include strategically leading the foundation, working with members of the Board of Directors and Supervisory Board and building relationships with major donors. He supervises several foundation programs and takes part in financial management.

Jan Gregor
Program Director
Zdenek Mihalco leads the program department, is part of the senior management team and helps the program team work effectively with other foundation departments.

Michaela Kreuterová
Fundraising Director
Michaela Kreuterová leads the fundraising team and supervises work with donors.
Tel: 732 983 118

Alexandra Václavíková
Financial Director
Alexandra Václavíková manages foundation finances in cooperation with the Executive Director. She leads a team that handles financial operations and office management.

Lukáš Hejna
Director of Via civic association
Lukáš Hejna leads our sister organization Via civic association, which provides technical support to Czech non-profit organizations.

Board of Directors and Supervisory Board

David Fojtík
předseda správní rady
Marina Votrubová
UniCredit Bank
Václav Šrámek
daňový poradce
Ladislav Hlavatý
ČVUT in Prague
Marek Šálek
Magazín Reportér
Michal Valenčík
Česká spořitelna
Eva Barabasová
Poradce a mentor

Thanks to our donors

Our work would not be possible without help from our supporters, which include both individual and corporate donors. Below you can find a list of our largest donors over the last three years. Our heartfelt thanks go to each and every one of them.






Marka Bednar
a Don Hamer

Libor Malý


Hana Dvořáková
a Dalimil Dvořák

Karel Janeček


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Annual Reports

Our annual reports from recent years, with information about our programs and expenses, are included here: