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Navigating Difficult Conversations

Thursday, April 27, 14.00, Auditorium 2


How can I speak meaningfully with people who have different views, support different positions and possibly even trust different information sources than I do? They may be members of my family, citizens of my country, members of my community or faces on the other side of a protest march. I would like to share some methods of Nonviolent communication that can help in such situations and show ways we can express opposing views strongly and respectfully while maintaining connections despite disagreements.
Key words: non-violent communication, conflict resolution, communication across boundaries

Ondráš Přibyla/Czech Republic

Ondras is a trainer of Nonviolent communication (CNVC certification). He teaches a course on communication in conflict situations at Masaryk University, leads workshops and consults on communication culture for businesses and mediates conflicts between people and groups. To visit his webpage click here.