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Future Search Conference: A Structured Discussion Leading to Community Integrity

Thursday, April 27, 14.00, Studio


Modern people speak many languages. Languages facilitate mobility, make it easier to find friends from abroad and enhance chances for a better position. Do we know how to listen though? Do I hear what the person next to me is saying? At times, we need translation even when speaking the same language. The Future Search Conference workshop will help you find the language paths that link individuals within a community. We will present a discussion designed to relate lessons from the past, the potential of the present and dreams for a common future. We will share an example that shows how this method helped ten dispersed Bulgarian villages join efforts and start working together for the future of the community.
Key words: local community, community involvement, common future, networking

Iva Taralezhkova, Diana Andreeva/Bulgaria

Iva is CPF Board Chair and an expert in networking, community development and good governance. She is also a moderator of public discussions mobilizing community energy and consensus building, a trainer to NGOs and institutions on community engagement and a founder of an association working for the revitalization of a small rural area to render it a tourist destination.
Diana is Training and Sustainability Expert at CPF. She has a MD in Social and Developmental Psychology and more than 15 years’ experience in conducting adult training for various social and professional groups in Soft Skills, Strategic Planning and Community Development.
The Citizen Participation Forum is a Bulgarian network of more than 100 NGOs united by the idea that citizens and NGOs should participate in decision-making process