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Project Development Using the Round Table Method

Bringing Together Different Needs and Views to Achieve a Common Goal and Realise a Common Project

Thursday, April 27, 14.00, Auditorium 1
In the workshop, we will simulate a Round Table process with a role-play after a short introduction to the method and to possible fields of application. You will become familiar with facilitation and project development method that can help you establish a dialogue between different groups in society and develop projects together. The topic of the Round Table simulation will be: How can we overcome polarization in our neighbourhood/community and motivate people to engage?
The Round Table Method is a method of facilitation and project development based on the following principles: impartial professional facilitation, discussion at eye-level, transparency and open project development process outcomes. It is also very important that the decision-makers are part of the process and that all the people or parties which are concerned with the topic or project (or at least their representatives) are included in the process.


Key words: active communities, eye-level communication, cooperative project development process, dialogue, civic participation


Corinna Walz/Germany

Corinna is project director for citizen participation and project development with the Round Table method at the Community Foundation of Stuttgart. She has facilitated Round Table Processes for the last 8 years. Her topics included e.g.: Access to cultural events for everybody?!, Refugees and vocational training, Developing networks in neighbourhoods, Participation in urban development. She holds a degree in International Cultural and Business Studies and also works as a German language lecturer in Serbia and Poland.