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Sharing is Caring! (A World Café Debate with Active Community Leaders)

Thursday, April 27, meeting downstairs in front of the DOX reception desk at 16.30 (this workshops will take place in Studio ALTA, so don’t forget to take all your belongings)
In communities throughout the world citizens, non-profit leaders, and elected officials come together to bring about change on a local level. This workshop aims to give people from all kinds of communities an opportunity to share their experiences and practices through a discussion set in the context of bubbles that we naturally create around us in our communities. You will meet with several active community members from the Czech Republic who work with Via Foundation. We invite you to come and share your opinions about mutual respect, empowerment, inclusion, and participation in community life.
Key words: local communities in the Czech Republic, empowerment, motivation, participation

Via Foundation/Czech republic

Via Foundation assists people who have taken the initiative to create positive change in their communities, mainly in the Czech Republic. Our vision is a society in which people act freely and courageously, accept responsibility for themselves and their community and where giving is a regular part of life. The workshop will be led by the program managers of Via Foundation.