Employee Collections

Employee collections are great team motivators. Taking part in corporate philanthropy increases employee corporate brand loyalty and giving together has a positive effect on long-term employee motivation.

Employer social engagement is considered important to 76% of employees, and very important to 21%. 46% of job seekers consider it as a criterion when choosing a job.

Source: Donors’ Forum, 2023 Map

  • It’s easy, it works and it’s visually appealing
  • It helps increase employee motivation and loyalty
  • It helps you meet your CSR goals
  • We reduce your workload. We handle all of the administrative tasks (including donation agreements and donation receipts for tax purposes).
  • We manage small thematic collections as well as large corporate programs.
  • Our work rests on:
    • 6 years of experience
    • 15 satisfied partners, from family firms to large institutions
    • more than 15,500 participating employees
    • more than CZK 45 million in donations
    • more than 1,300 supported projects

We can create an online collection for you with a selection of projects that you propose and support together.
Just choose the tool that suits you best.

Do you want to enable your employees to make donations for one specific occasion through a quick solution that won’t increase your workload? Do you need a comprehensive and stable tool, potentially in several languages? We can help.


A quick and easy way to donate through the popular Via Foundation portal, the largest online donation platform in the Czech Republic.

  • Your company nominates individuals or non-profit organizations to support (typically 5-15 projects)
  • We set up a collection on Darujme.cz with your logo and corporate colors
  • After it’s launched, any of your employees can choose from the gallery of projects and with just a couple of clicks, donate to the project that resonates the most with them
  • Keep track of the current status of your support on the online counter throughout the collection
  • You can increase employee motivation to donate with a company match (1:1 or other ratio)
  • We disburse the proceeds to the recipients after the collection ends

A solution for sophisticated partners looking for a stable tool to facilitate long-term implementation of their CSR strategy. Every employee has the opportunity to help decide how company funds are distributed. You can support hundreds of projects in a single campaign.

  • This is a form of giving where employees distribute company funds to projects (individuals or organizations) that they nominate through an initial questionnaire. This gives the employee control of who their employer supports.
  • Via Foundation reviews the nominations and disburses the corporate donations to the recipients after the call for applications is closed.
  • The app also allows you to give employees feedback about how their donation was used.
  • The solution is also suitable for larger international teams: donations can be made in different currencies and the environment can be adapted to the relevant languages.
  • The app can be tailored to the company’s requirements: design, type of questionnaire, wording, etc.

Even after our very first year, I was completely thrilled because Via Foundation created a perfect and beautifully simple app for us where employees could write applications for who they want to support. Everyone was really happy with it, we still have a high level of employee participation – the lowest was 74% and this year it was almost 81%.

Marcela Murgašová, Eurowag

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