Our Programs

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Current programs

We support groups of people who help others, work collaboratively to revitalize public spaces, organize community events, strive for better neighborly relationships or protect public interests.

  • For engaged citizens who want to improve their communities
  • Larger projects that engage the entire community
  • For children and young people who want to give back to their communities

Other opportunities

We offer learning and other tools to people who are improving their communities. We develop philanthropy and highlight inspiring stories of giving.

  • Recognition of people who are giving back to their communities
  • Online giving tool
  • Spreading the concept of philanthropy in the Czech Republic

  • An international peer learning program for community practitioners
  • Engaging employees in corporate giving
  • Customized online collections for companies

Partner projects

Through Partner projects, we offer our expertise to companies and donors which have their own vision and want to work with us to develop projects to improve their communities. You can contact us anytime with your ideas.

  • Supporting engaged citizens considering running for local office
  • T-Mobile supports projects improving life in the Czech Republic
  • Donor fund of the Sýkora family

  • Corporate charitable fund
  • Corporate charitable fund
  • Supporting development of the Černošice community

  • Donor fund established by the musical band Three Sisters
  • Donor fund established by Marek Herman and his students