Karolína Plachá

Karolína Plachá brings life to Jistebnice through theater

After graduating from the Theatre Faculty of the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague, Karolína Plachá moved to the Tábor region, where she and a group of friends established a cultural association called “Naplaveno”. They created a theater out of a barn and performed a play titled “Rejuvenated Barn”, which speaks of the history of the small village of Stružinec.

The cultural association Naplaveno has only been around a year, so it is still exploring what to focus on – theater performances, artists’ in residence visits, concerts or craft workshops. Inspired by the Polish theater Teatr Węgajty, the group tries to connect people from different groups through their activities. They bring together former residents with current ones, and people from the immediate vicinity with others from the broader region. Karolína is the association’s dramatist. She invites creative, interesting people to lead events and also always carefully considers the space. Locating the association’s office in the beautiful Jistebnická vrchovina natural park and creating the theater was out of a barn were not accidental moves. The group wants to work with the local environment and find ingenious places for people to meet – in a meadow, a barn, on a town square or an old dwelling. They also involved a huge number of people from diverse groups in preparing the ‘Experience the town of Jistebnice differently’ event. Many took part in the best cake competition, while the local children’s choir and a nearby dance group created a joint performance. People met their neighbors at the theater performance, a concert and an evening screening of historical photos. “I believe that if people meet and get to know one another, it increases their self-confidence and the shared self-confidence of the village or town. It deepens the sense that what I do or where I live is interesting to other people. Each and every one of us can be an incredible asset to society,” says Karolína in conclusion.