Tomáš Adamec

Tomáš Adamec invites neighbors to get together at the Moravičany parish

Tomáš Adamec hails from Moravičany, a small town in the Olomouc region. At the age of 15, he founded a citizens’ initiative called “Save the Moravičany Town Square” that sought to preserve the square’s design character, which is traditional to the region but seldom seen today. Later, with friends and local residents and a grant from Via, he created a community center out of an unused part of the local parish house. Now he has teamed up with the local parish to revitalize the old parish gardens.

Tomáš, who is now studying political science communications and marketing, has deep roots and a broad family circle in Moravičany. Several of his relatives are also engaged in community life, which is perhaps why he has regarded public service as a normal thing to do ever since he was a child. “The biggest problem in our town is that some people are indifferent to what’s going on and some are afraid of what other people will think if they speak up publicly. It’s a model of behavior from the Communist era that still persists today, unfortunately, and it affects younger generations, too,” he explains. “For me, having a bond to people and to the community that I grew up in and live in is an important part of living a happy life. I like to draw on this environment, it gives me something to lean on and I share this bond with other people in my life. I also learn how to communicate with people and how to create something new, both of which are important in terms of new strengths and my development.” Tomáš started out by organizing children’s summer camps at the local parish. During these camps, he also built a wooden outdoor mini-library where people can share books. He and his fellow students also developed an Easter game – a live Stations of the Cross, which takes place on Good Friday in the streets of the town. His biggest effort so far is probably the citizens’ initiative called “Save the Moravičany Town Square” mentioned above, where he tried to draw other residents into discussions about the future appearance of the town square. Tomáš started out solo but within six months he had built a team of great volunteers, many of whom he counts as friends today. The community center, also mentioned above, was also a considerable effort. Today the center is used by the new Moravičany Beautification Society, the parish and other organizations and groups of volunteers. There are lectures, film screenings, craft courses, coffee hours and concerts.