Via Foundation in Figures

Over the past 26 years, Via Foundation has supported hundreds of community projects across the Czech Republic.


CZK 650+ million

We have invested more than CZK 650 million into community and philanthropy initiatives in Czech communities.


9,000 projects

Since 1997, we have supported almost 9,000 projects by people who have taken the initiative to improve their communities.


Over CZK 2 billion

Through our online giving tool, we have helped donors give more than CZK 2 billion  to hundreds of non-profit organizations. In 2023 alone, people gave more than CZK 400 million through


In 2023, Via:

  • supported over 500 community projects across the Czech Republic 
  • enabled almost 300 children and young people to hold charity events or improve their communities 
  • ran a learning program for 20  people running for local office, we educate dozens of other people in a series of seminars
  • ran an international peer learning program for community leaders and practitioners from Hungary, Serbia and the Czech Republic
  • enabled over 1,000 NGOs to receive gifts from 240,000 donors totaling CZK 430 million ($30 million) through our online giving tool,
  • supported 89 projects integrating Ukrainian refugees into Czech communities