Via Foundation in Figures

Over the past 25 years, Via Foundation has supported one-fifth of all municipalities in the Czech Republic.


CZK 600+ million

We have invested more than CZK 600 million into community and philanthropy initiatives in Czech communities.


8,000 projects

Over the past 25 years, we have supported more than 8,000 community improvement projects.


Over CZK 1 billion

Through our online giving tool, we have helped donors give more than CZK 1 billion  to hundreds of non-profit organizations.

Building one community at a time adds up. 

In 2022, Via:
  • supported more than 430 neighborhood initiatives with grants totaling $722,000 (CZK 16.5 million)
  • received a record 900 inquiries for support from people improving their communities
  • supported 139 projects integrating Ukrainian refugees into Czech communities
  • enabled over 1,000 NGOs to receive gifts totaling $30 million (CZK 700 million) through Via’s online funding portal