Young Philanthropists in Pittsburgh

The Czech and Slovak School of Pittsburgh (Český a Slovenský Svět) has joined Via Foundation’s program for Young Philanthropists (Dobro-druzi).

The leadership team of the Czech and Slovak School of Pittsburgh met with the Via Foundation team in June 2018 and learned about the Dobro-druzi Young Philanthropists program. When the new school year began in September, the Pittsburgh teachers began talking to their students about the program. On the very first day of classes, they explained the name of the program (dobrodruzi means adventurers) and brainstormed with the children about different ways to help people in need.

When winter turned into spring, words turned into deeds. Good deeds.

On Saturday, March 30, 2019, students and parents from the Czech and Slovak School of Pittsburgh prepared 260 sandwiches for FOCUS, a non-profit organization in Pittsburgh. FOCUS supports and engages homeless people. The students called the project: “Helping Each Other: Helping Brings Joy”.

The school donated the bread and the students’ parents donated the sandwich fillings – cheeses, ham and so on – along with fruit, cookies and drinks. The students and parents then made a total of 260 sandwiches, packed them into lunch bags and loaded them into crates.

During the event the students learned new Czech and Slovak words and experienced first-hand the joy that helping others brings.

The Czech and Slovak School of Pittsburgh is the first school outside of the Czech Republic to take part – but we’re betting it won’t be the last!

Our thanks go to the entire team of teachers, parents and students at the Czech and Slovak School of Pittsburgh for bringing Dobro-druzi into their own community and making a difference where it counts. WAY TO GO!