US Ambassador hosted Czech philanthropists

On Monday, September 16 we once again had the honor of gathering with Via Bona Award winners, Via donors, supporters and Stephen B. King, US Ambassador to the Czech Republic, at his residence in Prague.

The evening focused on philanthropy and included an hour-long roundtable discussion (actually it was a square table:)) about how to raise awareness about philanthropy in the Czech Republic. Along with Ambassador King, representatives of non-profit organizations, the Office of the Government, legislators and mayors took part in the discussion. Two of the key themes that resonated were: how we can work together to ensure that the work of NGOs has its firm place in democratic society, and how to increase Czechs’ trust in NGOs.

In the second part of the evening, recent Via Bona Award winners shared what they do, why, and the successes or challenges they encounter in their ongoing work. The atmosphere was dignified and pleasant, and our great thanks go to Ambassador King for the opportunity to hold this gathering, and for the Embassy’s longstanding tradition of supporting the Via Bona Awards.

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