Darujme.cz: Helping during the crisis

The Darujme.cz online fundraising tool offers organizations a way to raise funds during the coronavirus pandemic. Donors can support health care workers, non-profit organizations caring for seniors or homeless people, or their favorite theater or music club.

At Darujme.cz, non-profit organizations, municipalities, regional government authorities and cultural institutions can set up a fundraising campaign online – something many of them need right now. A vast number of organizations, including theaters, music clubs and galleries, have had to cancel performances and other events due to the coronavirus, which  has left them in a precarious financial situation. One of the first cultural organizations to respond to the ban on public events was  Cirk La Putyka. Close to 1,700 fans donated a total of $27,000. Thanks to this generosity, La Putyka was able to set up a platform for online streaming of live circus show and recorded performances. La Putyka also asked fans to support the legendary Prague music club Cross and the MeetFactory cultural hub in Smichov in Prague. People can also support radio shows: biologist, priest and teacher Marek Orcho Vácha set up a fundraising drive to support Radio Proglas.

Oxyprotect, an initiative set up by pulmonary doctors, set up a drive to protect health care workers. Together, Oxyprotect donors have raised $20,000, which the team used to buy an air sterilization unit for the pulmonary department at the General Teaching Hospital in Prague. In Jihlava, the hospital has been able to purchase new pulmonary respirators thanks to the generosity of donors. The current wave of public support is helping hospitals respond more flexibly to the unfolding pandemic, protect doctors, nurses and other other staff and prevent fatigue and exhaustion.

Senior citizens are particularly at risk during the Covid-19 virus pandemic. The organization Život 90 established a Coordination Center for Helping Seniors to connect isolated, lonely elderly people with volunteers. The Goodwill Fund and its Fund to Support Senior Citizens provides food, medicine and medical assistance to elderly people isolated at home.

Many social enterprises, e.g. sheltered workshops employing disabled or homeless people, are also facing highly uncertain times. The store Přestupní stanice, which sells donated clothing and provides temporary employment to homeless people, has had to shut down. The Salvation Army, which also assists homeless people, set up a collection to buy medical face masks and disinfectants for its staff so that they could continue providing services and eliminate spreading of the virus in this target group.

If you know any organization in the Czech Republic which might want to set up a fundraising drive on Darujme.cz, put them in touch with us!

Registering is easy and we’re happy to help at + 420 736 142 491 by e-mail at podpora@darujme.cz.