In spring 2020, four public space improvement projects were awarded support in our program The Community in Which We Live. One of them is the South Moravian town of Chudčice. As part of our program support, we took the Chudčice project team on an “inspiration trip” to see completed public space projects in Brno.Thus, on a sunny day in mid-September, a Via program manager met up with several carloads of team members from Chudčice and so began a day of inspiration-seeking.

The Chudčice team’s goal is to transform a soccer field into a community place, with the help of the town’s citizenry. Most of the public spaces we visited in Brno, therefore, were developed through participatory methods – meaning that local residents played a large role in determining how the spaces look and function. Some of the sites had also placed high in the Park of the Year competition.

Over the course of the day, along with the courtyard where we started, our group of 12 visited the Environmental Partnership Foundation’s open garden, Šelepka Park, Bjórnsonův orchard, a park on Slovanský náměstí square and the Park Pod Plachtami. Along the way we had several guides, including Zuzana Šeptunová of the Environmental Partnership Foundation, Mr. Purš, a cafe owner, and an architect, Mr. Förchgott. 

Our busy day lasted all the way to sunset, with many kilometres walked and even more traveled on Brno’s public transportation system. In return we all took home a bundle of inspiration and motivation. The Chudčice team may use share of the ideas they saw with other residents at the community meetings they will hold to plan and design their space.

The program is made possible through the support of The Hamer Foundation, several private donors and HORNBACH. The program’s media partner is the monthly journal For Cities and Towns (PRO města a obce).