Financial aid packages totalling $7.8 million sent out to tornado-struck families

Non-profit organizations, foundations and endowment funds working together to help tornado-struck families distributed the first wave of financial aid, totalling $7.8 million, through a coordinated plan. More than 1,000 families received basic aid of $6,800 for repairs and basic needs. Altogether some 1,200 families will receive aid in this first wave, based on mapping in the field that ADRA, People in Need Foundation and Diaconia conducted last week.

Eight organizations are coordinating distribution of financial aid: ADRA, People in Need, Diaconia, Donia, Via Foundation, Czech Radio Endowment Fund, Karel Komárek Foundation and Hvězda Foundation. The organizations are also coordinating data collection in the field.

ADRA’s 700+ field investigations in the village of Moravská Nová Ves show that 35 homes require demolition and many children and elderly people need psychological support. The organization concluded 209 donation agreements with residents in the first week and sent out $1.4 million in aid.

People in Need conducted field investigations in 651 households in the villages of Mikulčice and Lužice and part of Hodonín, and will visit another 40 this week. Both People in Need and Via Foundation are providing aid for families in these towns. In the first week, Via Foundation sent out aid packages to 370 families totalling $2.6 million.

Field investigations continue this week and the next round of support will go out as well, this time to families with homes that are still inhabitable and damage is not as severe.