Via Bona Philanthropy Awards

The 2018 finalists have been chosen!

We received an unbelievable 140 nominations this year. The independent jury then faced the difficult task of selecting 3 finalists in each of the five categories. If we could, we would present awards to all of the nominated philanthropists! But we can’t:). The final award winners, one in each of the five categories, will be announced at the awards ceremony on May 21, 2018 in Prague. 

In the meantime, you can help decide which of the finalists will receive the Public Choice Award.

Voting is open till the end of April at

Please note that the voting website is in Czech – so we have included information about all of the finalists on this site.

How it works: click on each circle below to get to the finalists in that category, where you’ll find a summary and links to more information about the 3 finalists in the given category.

Then, once you have read about them and decided which you’d like to support, go to the voting site, scroll down to find your favorite(s), click to get to the given finalist’s page, and scroll down to the bottom and click on “Dejte hlas pribehu”.

Kind of complicated, but it is our first attempt to open voting in English, so we’ll hope you’ll bear with us. Reading about these inspiring finalists is worth it:)


2018 Via Bona Philanthropy Awards Finalists:

“I give with my heart”
Ludmila Böhmová

Ludmila helps educate young people in the Central African Republic to support their future economic independence.

Maxim Čambor

Maxim is a supporter of the Leontinka Foundation and founder of the civic association One to One. He helps blind athetes cross the finish line and reach their goals.

Olga Štrejbarová

Olga came up with the project Santa’s Grandchildren, which helps fulfill lonely senior citizens’ wishes.

We invite you to read more about these 3 finalists here.

Award for young philanthropists up to age 26 
Alžběta Vachelová

Alžběta recruits students for the Czech National Bone Marrow Donor Registry to help save human lives.

Peter Chalupianský

Peter has designed unconventional projects like floorball tournaments and postcard campaigns to help people with disabilities.

Petra Soukupová

Founded a youth orchestra that helps in the Broumov region.

We invite you to read more about these 3 finalists here.

Award for philanthropists who help fund charitable causes
Karel Janeček

Karel reinvests part of his profits back into society to fuel progress.

Tomáš Drnek

Tomáš helps people with disabilities, their families, senior citizens and foster families financially and as a volunteer.

Libor Malý

Libor helps Czechs in debt and promotes a new “giving economy”.

We invite you to read more about these 3 finalists here.

“Helping in their communities”
Mjölk architekti

An architecture practice whose work is revitalizing culture in the city of Liberec.


Through the project Lunch for Someone Else you can buy lunch for a homeless person at the Lokál restaurant chain.

Naturfyt – BIO

The owner of the company Naturfyt – BIO is improving quality of life in his hometown, Jesenik.

We invite you to read more about these 3 finalists here.

Award for philanthropists giving through legacies.
Marcela Mejstříková

A cancer survivor, Marcela bequeathed her assets to help other women with breast cancer.

Michal Wagner

Michal is guided by the conviction that people should give back to nature.

Ivanka Kellnerová /in memoriam/

Ivanka spent her life helping others and chose to leave her assets to help the needy.

We invite you to read more about these 3 finalists here.

About the Via Bona Philanthropy Awards

For over 20 years, with the patronage of the US Embassy in Prague, the Via Bona Philanthropy Awards have been highlighting inspiring examples of giving in the Czech Republic. Each year, the awards program brings together a diverse spectrum of philanthropists: patrons, students, companies, individuals, couples and groups. All of them give their time, money and/or expertise to help others in an equally diverse range of areas: community development, environmental protection, education, culture, health care, social services, human rights, humanitarian relief, etc. Their stories are an inspiration and proof that each and everyone of us can be a philanthropist, regardless of age or social standing. 

Last year’s 20th anniversary awards recognized some of the most powerful philanthropists from the entire 20-year period since the awards‘ inception. It was a retrospective of philanthropy development in the Czech Republic from 1990 through 2017. This year, we are looking to the future with the central theme of innovation through unconventional forms of support, use of modern IT in giving or other new and as yet unknown ways of helping others.

Thank you for your engagement!

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