The Art of Giving

The mission of the Via Foundation is to develop philanthropy in the Czech Republic. In The Art of Giving, we motivate people and companies in the Czech Republic to make more frequent and especially thoughtful donations. Through online tools, educational activities, conferences and inspirational articles, we spread the word about the importance and benefits of philanthropy. Our goal is to make generosity and giving a regular part of our lives.

If you want to make the place where you live a better place, you need two things: active people who will take the initiative and get to work, and those who will provide them with the necessary resources. At the Via Foundation, we help both groups find a way to long-term cooperation. By connecting those who want to help with those who need help, our world moves forward.

Did you make it to Prague this year for the philanthropic conference Help thoughtfully? Never mind, you can watch the whole conference here.

Monika Tomíčková
manager of philantrophy