The Art of Giving

Via Foundation’s mission includes developing philanthropy and the art of giving. We strive to make giving, generosity, charitable work and an ethic of helping others a regular part of everyday life in the Czech Republic. To share this vision, we began publishing the journal the Art of Giving in 2012. Since June 2020, the journal has been published as a quarterly insert in the magazine Reportér.

The aim of the Art of Giving is to support philanthropy in the Czech Republic. We want to inspire everyone who wants to give back and encourage those who already are doing something to help others. The Art of Giving journal presents stories of donors and the causes, people and organizations they support and shares best practices in philanthropy from the Czech Republic and the world.

On the Czech website, you can find published issues of the journal and selected articles and highlighted interviews. You can also sign up to receive the journal in PDF form (in Czech).

Coming soon
We will publish an independent Philanthropy yearbook in spring 2021 that will summarize recent trends and the most powerful giving stories from 2020.

Thank you!
We are able to publish the Art of Giving journal through the generosity of Václav Dejčmar, Ivana Janečková and Tomáš Janeček, Martin Kulík, Lenka Schönfeldová and Robert Schönfeld and other donors.

Other philanthropy programming

Through our Via Bona Awards, we have been recognizing inspiring stories of giving for 23 years.

Through our online giving tool , donors are able to easily give gifts to hundreds of Czech non-profit organizations.

Through our program Young Philanthropists hundreds of children and young people experience philanthropy every year.