Via Bona Awards

We have been recognizing inspiring stories of giving for 23 years through our Via Bona Awards. In that time, over 1,000 people, groups and companies have been nominated and 132 have received awards for their good deeds.

Through the awards, we bring the theme of giving into public discourse, highlight diverse stories of philanthropy, present new trends in giving and inspire current as well as prospective donors. These stories show that each and every one of us can be a philanthropist. The awards also acknowledge and publicly thank individuals and companies who selflessly give their time, energy, expertise and money to help others.

2020 Via Bona Awards

On Monday, October 5 we broadcast a special edition of SkoroNAkafe, our pandemic online venue, to present the 2020 Via Bona Awards in the “Heart of Gold” and “Heroes & Heroines in Times of Crisis” categories. Read more here.