Young Philanthropists

Through our Young Adventurers program, we support groups of children and students up to age 26 in organizing fundraising events for a person or organization of their choosing. They can also organize a neighborhood gathering, landscape restoration project or neighborhood improvement project.

Participating groups can combine the following forms of support, depending on their needs and skills:

  • Grant of CZK 3,000 – 20,000 ($135 – 900)
  • Workshop to help plan specific activities (1.5 hours – on-site or online)
  • Matching of funds raised up to CZK 20,000 ($900) for 10 selected projects 
  • Help setting up a fundraising campaign on 
  • Inspiring meetings with other participating groups of children and students

Each participating group chooses what to focus on, based on their imagination and ability. We typically support the following types of projects:

  • fundraising events to support a local non-profit organization or a person in need
  • neighborhood gatherings and community activities
  • landscape restoration projects (tree planting, insect habitat, etc.)
  • groups of children and students give back to their communities by holding benefit events or neighborhood gatherings, restoring the local landscape or improving their neighborhoods
  • adult patrons (teachers, scout leaders, etc.) gain experience in guiding youth towards philanthropy 
  • neighbors, friends and other people in the community attend youth benefit events and make donations
  • hundreds of other young Czechs learn about their peers’ philanthropy efforts

Charity concert for Vojtíšek

A group of high school students in Podbořany held a charity concert for Vojtíšek, a disabled boy whom they have been helping for the past two years. At the event they also sold refreshments and auctioned off local art. They raised CZK 65,965 ($2,900) to help cover Vojtíšek’s physical therapy. The sum was matched by Via Foundation to bring their total to CZK 103,078 ($4,500). Many of the students know Vojtíšek personally and can see how the physical therapy that they have enabled is helping him.

A step in the right direction

Class 8.B from Nové Město nad Metují carried out various activities to help a mother of autistic twins. They collected apples, organized a Christmas market and produced a charity calendar.They raised CZK 65,364 ($2,870), which Via Foundation raised to CZK 77,349 ($3,400).We’ll put a smile on your face.

We’ll put a smile on your face

Girls from the educational institution in Janštejn help out at the local senior citizens’ home and at the dog shelter in a nearby village. They were so taken with the homeless dogs that they decided to join forces and raise money for the operational costs and veterinary care for sick and abused dogs. Each girl has a different skill – some make bracelets, some paint, several are good at sewing. They created and sold handicrafts at crafts fairs in their area and also informed people about dog adoption opportunities at the shelter. They raised CZK 10,747 ($470) and another CZK 17,961 ($780) through online fundraising on With Via’s contribution they were able to donate a total of CZK 48,708 ($2,400) to the shelter.