Tereza Kulhánková

Participants Facilitators and Experts

Tereza Kulhánková is a passionate explorer of people’s ways of living together and with nature, a permaculture enthusiast and a mother. Over the past few years she has been navigating life between little villages near Tišnov in the Czech Republic, rural squats in the Pyrenees and France. In 2013 she and a group of friends initiated an informal activity called Spižírna Tišnov, where people could order and offer organic and local produce, with less unnecessary packaging and delivery costs. In 2017 Spižírna grew into a new organization called Hojnost z.s., where Tereza is working now and which she is helping to set up. She studied sociology and environmental studies (Faculty of Social Studies, Masaryk University, Brno), has been trained by practice in somewhat uncommon educational approaches (Centre for Global Development Education NaZemi, local forest pre-school education initiatives). She likes interesting and innovative ideas, but she has always been most attracted by the people who bring them to real life. She wouldn’t say it but she hopes one day to be one of them. She lives in a trailer in the countryside.

About my project

We are residents of the Tišnov area who want to help change our surroundings and in this way also contribute to social change. We lack a place to meet up and bring our ideas to life. Our project aims to initiate conversion of the Dvorek (the little courtyard behind the houses in the centre of town) into a multi-purpose space.

The focus of the project is, however, not only the physical renovation of the site. Through the process of participation and practical workshops, participants should gain confidence that they can change the appearance of the world around them. We also hope to test and develop effective tools to help people in a community perceive diversity as a rich resource rather than a barrier among them.