Věra Vávra

Participants Facilitators and Experts

I am 38 years old, married, without children; a university-educated woman based in Vimperk and in Zurich, where my husband, a Swiss/Czech dual citizen, lives and works. I cherish democracy, human rights and, above all, the wealth of knowledge humans have been able to generate and record in the West as well as in the East. Currently, I am a Ph. D. student in Philosophy at the Faculty of Humanities of the Charles University.

To date I have been a member of the leadership in two community projects. I organized the charity concerts Šumava na nohou (www.sumavananohou.cz) twice, and most recently have become involved in the Vimpersko project. We formed a group that attempted to stop the development of a biathlon stadium in Vodnik. This project endangered a natural area near our town. It also had the potential of permitting private interests to be co-financed with public funds. Thanks to our efforts the town government stopped the project in May of this year.

About my project

The community of Vimperk does not have a clear identity: Are we a town of cultural heritage or the gateway to the Sumava mountains? Are we a town of success and business opportunities or are we a town of sports?

My friends from the Vimperk region and I want to make a positive contribution to life in our community. We plan events to promote projects that can bring people together and, perhaps, shape a positive and shared town identity. For this reason, we plan to promote and support major projects such as the construction of a recreational area along the Volyňka river. But we also want to engage in smaller community building activities. We want to bring residents together for cake baking, dancing, and small concerts. But the overarching goal of all our work is to build a stronger community and shape our town’s future for everyone.