Via Bona Award

Via Bona Award

Via Bona = A Good Path

Through the Via Bona Philanthropy Awards, we recognized inspiring cases of philanthropy. Since the Via Bona Awards were initiated 21 years ago, a total of 930 philanthropists have been nominated and 127 individuals, groups and companies have been recognized for their good deeds.
Through the Via Bona Philanthropy Awards, we promote giving and philanthropy, highlight the diversity of ways of giving back and show new trends as a source of inspiration for current and potential philanthropists. The Via Bona Awards show that each and every one of us can be a philanthropist.
The Via Bona Awards is also a way for Via Foundation to thank everyone who generously gives their time, energy, money and/or experience to make their communities and the Czech Republic better places to live. Nominations open in the fall and the gala awards ceremony takes place in the spring. We innovate a new timely theme each year. For the 22nd Via Bona Awards in 2019, we are focusing on inspiring communities. The 2019 Via Bona categories are: the Personal Engagement and Young Personal Engagement awards, for people giving their time, energy or money to help others; the Good Company award for companies supporting communities or entire regions; the Bequeath award for people who include good causes in their wills – and our new category, the Fundraising Drives award, which we are introducing to recognize people who succeed in drawing their friends and families into raising money for good causes.
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