Alumni testimonials

The biggest lesson is to be patient while working with the community – sometimes the processes take long but that is totally ok.Bojana Mikovic (Obrenovac Youth Foundation, Serbia)
I got more structured knowledge and strategic thinking.Bistra Ivanova (Multi Kulti Collective, Bulgaria)
I am aware of my own capacities.Ekaterina Kokkalou (Youth Included, Czech Republic)
I gained confidence in negotiation skills with municipalities.Zeljko Mitkovski (Ana and Vlade Divac Foundation, Serbia)
I learned to value and keep close to hear feedback from each individual in the community, and understood that what feels really important to me is the individual change of the mind-set, or improvement perceived by a member of community – those were the moments when I actually understood the impact of our work, and it was more rewarding than some quantitative indicators.Dominika Belanská (Jedlé mesto, Slovakia)
I realized how big difference it is to do ´something for someone [community]´ or do ´something with someone [community]Petr Šourek (ScArt, Czech Republic)