Alice Rezková


Alice Rezková is a terribly naive person who still believes that every problem can be overcome by a good idea or a pro-active attitude, or just by people working together. She is a strong-willed enthusiast who would love to play with dogs and swim with dolphins all day long.
How does Alice work?
Alice is both a dreamer and a doer. She can be a data cruncher or a creative freak. Others like to have her on board because she knows how to organize chaos, manage problems and simply make ideas happen.
What is Alice interested in?
Alice is interested in social innovation and implementation of creative ideas that could change the way we live for the better. She likes to play with words, write articles and analytical papers and sketch notes on napkins.
Where the hell is Alice?
Alice caught the travel bug at quite a young age and has had the opportunity to explore many countries around the world. She fell in love with China and Southeast Asia – whether due to the food, the people or the insanely difficult Chinese language!

Organization: ´Veřejný prostor´, Czech Republic

I would like to decrease the number of drivers who drive too fast on our streets. Almost every other driver exceeds the permitted speed limit at some point. Failure to comply with rules is partly normal human behavior, but when it becomes a daily habit then it becomes a problem. Many drivers routinely drive fast because there is a longstanding social norm that speeding does not represent a real crime. For decades, undisciplined drivers have been punished on the principle of penalty. However, because the odds of getting caught are relatively low when one speeds, it still doesn’t stop as many people as needed from speeding. The motivation to behave sanely on roads is based solely on fear of fines. However, this motivation could be changed and consequently influence the frequency of speeding. It is time to create more traffic elements that are in line with psychological traffic calming and with drivers’ emotional intelligence. People are capable of adjusting their speed based on what seems appropriate or what seems like the right thing to do.
I want people in one particular community to feel more in touch with their neighborhood by driving responsibly. I would like to install a speed camera that would donate a small amount of money to the improvement of the immediate neighborhood for every driver who follows the speed limit. The speed camera would also deduct a small amount of money when the speed limit is exceeded. This new funding would be used for improvements to the neighborhood based on community members’ wishes and projects. The project would be financially supported either through revenues from fines, the state administration or donors. I want to strengthen the spirit of togetherness in the given community and demonstrate that people can be motivated by local interests. Following the speed limit is a cool thing to do! My idea builds on the Lottery Speed Camera from Fun Theory Project.