Bojana Mikovic


Bojana Mikovic is a trainer, traveler and passionate lover of Woody Allen movies and Magritte paintings. She currently works as a Program coordinator in Obrenovac Youth Foundation (OYF) and enjoys working on long-term and quality investment projects for young people.

Organization: ‘Obrenovac Youth Foundation – OYF’, Serbia

OYF is devoted to making the Obrenovac municipality a safer place for youth, full of super creative and useful quality programs. Since Obrenovac suffered major destruction during the 2014 floods, my colleagues and I have decided to use all our knowledge, contacts and good energy to re-start Obrenovac.
Establishment of a community foundation for youth was just the first step and now our major challenge and motivation is to make sure that we have established good mechanisms for community participation. During this project I will focus on creating more opportunities for the support of local, national and international partners in order to make OYF programs sustainable.