Dijana Šabić


Dijana Šabić is anthropologist, ethnologist, sociologist and economist-to-be, but overall an NGO freelancer with an undying interest in social entrepreneurship and different types of organizations that provide visible social changes in a creative and innovative way. I spent almost half of my life volunteering in various organizations only to find myself feeling best when creating, planning and developing mid-range projects with a wide range of impacts for small rural communities.

Organization: ‘ANTROPOP’, Croatia

Voted many times one of the prettiest small villages in Europe, Pučišća on the island Brač is truly a beautiful place to visit. But living there is not as gratifying. There is no common effort to create a sustainable environment for future social, cultural, economic or tourism development. Of course, to achieve this, we need much more support and more investors, especially when it comes to economic development. Through this project we want to develop an action group for social, cultural and tourism development of Pučišća. By doing this, we will create a basis for future development in the fields of culture and tourism, which will bring positive changes to this community both instantly and in the long term.
We will focus our efforts on educating people about ways of attracting money from smaller funds because we believe that even smaller projects can have huge impacts. So far, many efforts seeking better development of Pučišća have been based almost solely on volunteer work and the personal financial involvement of the volunteers, so we think it’s time for financial as well as educational support that would surely help maintain the enthusiasm and provide much-needed (financial) security in future work in this community.