Ieva Lace


Ieva Lace is 27 years old and grew up in Liepaja, Latvia. Ieva Lace holds a dual BA  degree in management and business studies (Riga, RISEBAA and InHolland, the Netherlands) and is a MA graduate of Global Studies (Freiburg University, Germany and FLACSO, Argentina), where she specialized in researching social enterprises. During her studies she participated in different projects in countries such as Thailand, Sierra Leone, Argentina, Arctic and India.
However, after this vast range of socio-economic project development, Ieva Lace returned to her hometown – Liepaja, Latvia – in early 2014.  She founded a local NGO that functions as a social enterprise, providing camping and sport activities in nature utilizing her family’s property. However, the focus is to engage local communities in active participation by providing either products or services for tourists, preserving local nature and engaging in active citizenship.
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Organization: ´Allnature´, Latvia

My project is about the local community in Liepaja, Latvia, where I grew up. I plan to inspire and encourage local individuals, NGOs and groups to become more active and engaged in local issues and the environment. In order to do so, I plan on starting several social enterprises of various sizes that will function as a platform for locals to join, participate in and receive informal learning. One such activity will be building a local boat that will connect a lake and river and function as a tourist attraction. Several other options may develop around this enterprise – organizing food and beverage sales, involving elderly people in story telling, engaging youth, etc. My project is mainly about sparking changes in local’s mind-sets – that we are strong as long as we see ourselves this way and do active projects.