Inese Boša


Inese Boša is fundraising and PR manager at the Valmiera Region Community Foundation. Brave and active people inspire her to do more. Before joining the Valmiera Region Community Foundation she was active in several youth organisations. She enjoys improvisation theater and travelling in her free time.

Organization: ´Valmieras novada fonds´, Latvia

Valmiera Region Community Foundation (VRCF), founded in 2005, is the local philanthropy organisation for Valmiera and 6 surrounding disctricts. Its aim is to improve the quality of life of local communities by involving community members in a wide spectrum of issues. VRCF is managed according to a globally recognised model – the community foundation, and it may be described with two words: fund‑raising and grant‑making. It serves as a philanthropic leader for Valmiera, reacting to changing community needs and organising appropriate activities.
Many citizens of the Valmiera region haven’t been active in promoting their views, protecting their rights or taking responsibility for their community. They don’t believe that they can change anything and they don’t think that they can help each other. Most of them expect the government to fix everything.
I will organize community workshops where people can meet each other and discuss problems and possible solutions. Second, in a series of 12 videos we will highlight the most interesting projects as examples of local people’s activities. By inspiring our local citizens, we expect to receive untraditional and ambitious projects and increase the number of donors.