Mariana Seremet


Mariana Seremet was educated as a landscape architect and urban planner. Her first two-year position was in the office of research and projects at the University of Liege (Belgium). During this time she was, in a way, on the side of authorities and decision makers, i.e. officials from the city-village, municipality or region who implemented projects with the imposition of the “public utility’’.
Now, back in Moldova, she is involved in a small but pretentious project that aims to revitalize a small park in Chisinau and this time she is on the side of the community and locals.
In this context she is trying to engage inhabitants, make them more involved and concerned about their needs, their daily problems, their potential for action as well as their limits. Now she perceives herself more as a guide and advisor.

Organization: ´Oberliht Young Artists Association´, Moldova

This project is focused on a park (which is nameless) that is one of the few green areas in this historical area. It is situated on the axis of Boulevard Cantemir and although Soviet architects developed a design for the site back in the 1970s, the project still hasn’t been constructed. Situated on the edge of the old city (once known as one of the most dangerous districts on the periphery of the city core), characterized by abandonment and decay both from the authorities and residents, it is threatened to disappear in the shadow of real estate interests. Once revitalized, the park could cover some of the vital needs of city residents, including children and parents, youth and elderly people, and will demonstrate an innovative process of managing public space with transparency and public consultancy.