Ondřej Lukáš


Communications Consultant by profession, literature, architecture, theater and film enthusiast by nature. Likes: civil society; Dislikes: corruption.
Ondřej Lukáš graduated from Clark University, USA, and Palacky University, Czech Republic, earning M.A. and Mgr. degrees, respectively. Within the last decade, he has worked as a PR consultant for various clients, ranging from large international companies to small local NGOs. He has lived with his family in Roztoky since 2012. Roztoky is a town of just over 9,000 people located just a stone’s throw away from Prague to the north.

Organization: ‘Roztoč’, Czech Republic

Roztoky is a lucky town: new people pour in and settle down, babies are born, new houses are built. Unlike many other places in our country, the community is thriving.
Still, challenges remain. Due to intense recent development, the town of Roztoky is facing infrastructure and service problems: absent or inadequate community spaces, poor roads, outdated or sometimes even non-existent utilities, a municipal water supply and sewage system of insufficient quality and capacity – all these issues pose challenges that will have to be addressed soon.
Definitely the most pressing question, however, relates to the further growth and development of the town. Official information is often provided on an ad hoc basis and limited to scant information about projects which are underway, often lacking any reference to strategy, effectiveness or sustainability.
Many citizens of Roztoky perceive this situation as an opportunity to mobilize the general public for the next initiative. By mobilized community we mean a community that knows its rights and cares about the future development of the town. If the community is not educated and mobilized, the local government will have no partner to reach out to and the development of the city will continue by itself, marked by public indifference.
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