Palma Miličević

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Palma Miličević is passionate about community organizing and empowerment of individuals from marginalized groups of society. She perceives herself as an effective communicator with a lifelong interest in social justice issues such as equality and human rights. She is an active member of the community and one of the founders of the Association for the promotion of information technology, culture and coexistence (Association IKS).
She has led numerous projects and she is a capable project manager. She has worked as a consultant and trainer in the field of strengthening the capacity of civil society organizations in Croatia for more than seven years. She is also active in promoting volunteering and active citizenship.
She graduated in Information Sciences and Economics and Entrepreneurship. She is also an expert in social media marketing and graphic design.

Organization: ´Association IKS´, Croatia

The City of Petrinja is among the 15 least developed cities in the Republic of Croatia. Since it was severely impacted by the war, the city is still dominated by post-war consequences and requires systematic work not only in economic revitalization, but also in democratic development of community.
Through this project I will encourage greater engagement and active citizenship by promoting democratic values, solidarity, cooperation in general and cooperation in the community and identifying common values and common problems.