Petr Šourek

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Petr Šourek is a philosopher turned entrepreneur, writer turned copywriter and artist turned art director.
He is the driving force behind these projects:,   and , to name but a few.

Organization: ´ScArt´, Czech Republic

During my years in the Cerny Most housing area, I heard very few nice things said about the place. Worse than that, I heard virtually nothing said about the place at all. When talking about their neighborhood, residents are left with little or no means of description or familiarization. It is this sort of socially embedded topographical disorientation/agnosia that I want to address through our project.
I’d like to turn bizarre groups of bunker ventilation pipes into something my neighbours want, need or love. First we will create a sort of tourist trail. We will guide people along the new trail to the pipes and make the pipes objects of interest. When the pipes pop out and catch residents’ attention, we will invite people to share their ideas about them. The pipes represent points of reference in public debate as well as a realistic starting point for transformation of this place.