Pham Quoc Loc

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Pham Quoc Loc (in Czech Lubor) is 27. He is a student of the University of Economics in the Faculty of Informatics and Statistics in Prague in the last year of the Master’s degree with a major in Information Management and a minor oin Corporate Performance Management.
Since he has been at the university, he has begun working more with Vietnamese people in Prague and got the chance to join a project called ‘Media4us’ coordinated by the Multicultural Center in Prague. Gradually he has joined several projects focusing on migration and migrants’ rights. For the last three years he has consulted to the local authority in Libus and several ministries in order to help improve the conditions of migrants and help with integration projects by organizing events for Czech and Vietnamese people. He is working with several government research institutes on the topic of Vietnamese people in the Czech Republic.
He also helps his family with business, cooperating with several Czech businessmen and enterpreneurs and helping Vietnamese people with translations and required documents.
He joined VIA Foundation’s ViabilityNet 2.0 program to learn more from others to improve his skills and ability to help.

Organization: ´Občanské komunitní fórum, o.s.´, Czech Republic

The community in Libuš is understood by people living in Libuš. The actual situation is good in comparison with other districts and towns but there is still a lot to do mainly in terms of mutual understanding between Czechs and Vietnamese.
My projects should connect people living in Libuš into a single community of people who understand each other, solve problems concerning their environment together on mutual terms while becoming closer to one another and spending their free time together at playgrounds or cultural events.