Tomáš Peciar


Tomáš Peciar is a bicycle activist located in Bratislava, Slovakia. He is one of the founders and an active member of the Cyklokoalícia bicycle coalition, and the founder of Cyklokuchyňa – Bratislava Bikekitchen Community Workshop. He is also the coordinator of European Mobility Week and numerous other community projects.  He is a driving force for bike sharing in the Slovak capital of Bratislava. He hopes to improve the lives of Slovak citizens by reducing pollution (no greenhouse gases CO2 and other emissions), promoting better health through the exercise of biking, having fewer cars in the streets, providing public bikes for tourists, improving road safety for bicyclists through the construction of bike lanes, reducing the demand for car parking spaces in the city center and building a community without differences – connecting users of all ages, social status, races and gender.
He holds Bachelor and Masters degrees in the field of Environmental Studies. He speaks Slovak, English, Italian and Spanish. He is the father of one child and enjoys nature, music, literature, sports and photography.

Organization: ‘Cyklokoalicia’, Slovakia

The problem is that Bratislava is one of the noisiest and most polluted cities (microparticles PM2.5 – PM10) and is very unaesthetic due to the abundance of parked cars everywhere.
I co-founded a NGO that works in this field and has been trying for several years to change the mindset of citizens through numerous activities. One of these activities is a community cycling centre that connects IT people, who are analytical thinkers, to pure hard-core mechanics. It is a great connector and is pushing the community straight toward the goal, which is a green, environmental and happy city. We have changed sites several times since we began. The most recent site was a shipping container at Safarikovo square in the centre of Bratislava, but after political warfare between two parties it became a symbol of power for the current city mayor. We need to leave this place and start somewhere else. And Viability will help us make this happen!