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Cecilia Lohász (Hungary)

Cili lives in Budapest and loves the smell of the Danube. She is the founder of Valyo, a city and river association in Budapest that is changing the perception of how the Danube embankment in the Hungarian capital is currently used and organising public space community events. She studied teaching, geography and integral psychology. She was involved in international youth work during her twenties, and worked for more than ten years as a project manager, trainer and facilitator for Energiaklub, a Hungarian NGO working on sustainable energy usage. She has trained companies, municipalities and teachers. She believes climate change and social injustice need participatory, local, communal and wisely combined high and low tech solutions.

Monika Novosádová (Czech Republic)

Monika lives in Prague and loves to walk the streets of Prague (during both day and night). She has been involved in various NGOs, mostly working in the field of youth work and non-formal education. Currently she is involved in ANEV (Association of non-formal education), which aims to promote non-formal education and its quality, through a long-term training course for youth workers called “Marker CS”.

She graduated in social work and is currently finishing her training in dance and movement psychotherapy. She uses different tools and approaches to support people and groups in discovering and sharing what matters and turning their ideas into action. She believes that people, like trees, need roots to blossom and flourish – which can grow in the places in which we live, not in virtual space, ergo in local communities.


Karolina Miková (PDCS, Slovakia)

Lenka Dušková (Palacky University in Olomouc, Czech Republic)

Lenka dwells in Olomouc but enjoys roaming around discovering beauty of nature, art, meeting new people and getting inspired by what they do, think and say. Since her teen age she has been active in NGOs focused on non-formal education, promoting youth participation, tolerance, diversity and local development. The experience also includes facilitating processes of organisational growth; trainings and consultancy for NGOs working in transforming and post-conflict regions. She values active participation, use of dialogue and peer education – there is always so much to be shared.

She graduated in political science but since ever she has been fascinated by communication and transformative ways of conflict resolution. She is a trained mediator, evaluator and participatory qualitative researcher of development processes, transforming societies and post-conflict. Currently she works as a lecturer at the Department of Development Studies at Palacky University focusing on “conflict sensitive development”.