Why didn’t I get the link to the application?
You probably marked one of the questions in Expression of interest in a way that automatically excludes you from participation in the program. If you are not aware of which question it was or why, and you believe you are the right person for the program, just contact us.


Can I apply if I am not 27 years old yet?
We definitely dont want the age to be limit to apply and it is possible to apply if you are younger, however, it is important that you fulfill the other criteria such as 2 years of work in your local community etc.

I would love to participate in the program but I know that I will have to miss one meeting.  Can I still apply?
No. The meetings have been designed in a particular sequence and missing one is like missing a big piece of a puzzle. Moreover, it has a negative influence on the group dynamics. Sorry about that – try next time.

I can’t record a video. Can I send in just the application?
The video is an obligatory part of the application. It is important for us to get a more specific and clear picture of you, your team and your local community since the selection jury cannot visit each applicant personally. However, we do not want to make your life harder, so it is perfectly fine if you shoot it with your cell phone. You can also send us several shorter videos instead of one full length one. You can also check our video and tips and you’ll see that the quality really does not matter: https://www.nadacevia.cz/en/viabilitynet/instructions-for-making-your-video/