Zuzana Šrůmová

Participants Facilitators and Experts

Zuzana is a primary school teacher on maternity leave who works in a local cultural NGO and develops small fruitful projects with other people in Roztoky, a small town near Prague. She runs a huge community flea market.

She found herself in Roztoky by accident, and after a few months she realized to her great surprise that the town had become her home much more so than any other place ever had. Which brings a great deal of commitment…

About my project

Roztoky is a small town near Prague. A very nice one: beautiful natural surroundings, great history, friendly people, culture. What happens when you ask people what they lack here?

“Oh, nothing, it is such a nice place… I’m not lacking anything. I’m just worried about my son.” “Everything is OK… but I hate the teenagers sitting and smoking in the park and doing nothing.” “It’s great here, but my children don’t like it here anymore and go to Prague anytime they can…”

It seems like we have a problem – we are losing the youth in our town. But there are many engaged people with great plans – and together we can find a way to let young people participate in community life.