Via Foundation invites you to vote for the year’s best examples of giving

The 2018 Via Bona Philanthropy Award finalists are here!

Via Foundation has selected 15 of the most inspiring examples of giving for 2018 and the award winners will be chosen from this pool of finalists. You can vote for the examples you feel are most powerful at

Please note: The Via Bona site is in Czech but you can first read about the 2018 Via Bona Finalists here, then on the site, just scroll down and click on the name of the individual you wish to vote for, which will open up that finalist’s page. There you can scroll down to the bottom and click on “DEJTE HLAS PRIBEHU” to vote.

Under the patronage of the US Embassy in Prague, Via Foundation is holding the 21st annual Via Bona Philanthropy Awards this year. Through the awards, Via Foundation recognizes inspiring examples of giving and charity and expresses thanks to individuals and firms which are giving their time, energy, money or experience to help good causes.

While last year’s 20th anniversary awards recognized some of the most powerful philanthropists from the entire 20-year period since the awards‘ inception, this year we are once again looking for new sources of inspiration. And what’s more: this year’s awards are focusing on the future of philanthropy and modern and innovative ways of helping others in the 21st century. “This year, we hope to support philanthropy in the world of IT, highlight new ways of giving and target young people, which have huge potential to make change,” explains Monika Skopalová, program manager at Via Foundation.

Zdeněk Mihalco, program director at Via Foundation, adds: “Twenty years ago philanthropy was almost unknown in the Czech Republic. Today, many people and companies consider giving a normal part of life. We’ve come a long way and the number of nominations we received this year – 140 – is proof of that.”

An independent jury selected 15 of the most powerful examples of giving from among the submitted nominations in five categories: Personal Engagement, Young Philanthropist (up to age 26), Good Company, Patron and Legacy. You can read more about the 2018 Via Bona Finalists here.

Now you can cast your vote online at to help decide which of the finalists will be awarded the Public’s Choice Award in May. The winner will receive the Via Bona statue, created by Czech sculptor František Skála. The patron of the Public’s Choice Award is Czech Television.

The main partner of the Via Bona Philanthropy Awards is Česká spořitelna bank. “The Via Bona awardwinners’ and their stories of giving are a powerful source of inspiration for each and every one of us. The more people that they inspire to help where help is needed, the better our lives will be. At Česká spořitelna, we believe in the prosperity of our country and we view an engaged citizenry as its foundation,” says Andrea Studihradová, member of the Via Bona Philanthropy Awards jury.

Other partners of the Via Bona Philanthropy Awards include Nadace Kooperativa, PwC Česká republika, Veolia and Tchibo.