From reaction to action, from organizing activities to organizing people, and about how trees can support community building

The last cycle of the ViabilityNet 3.0 program ended in June of 2017. Via Foundation supported 14 participants in making changes in their local communities. Here’s an update about what four of them achieved. Tereza connected various initiatives around the Dvorek space, Zuzana and a group of other people who actively work with young people looked for a way to support young people even more meaningfully, Petru and his group planted trees while Věra organized community events to give residents a chance to share their interests and skills with neighbors.

Dvorek: a space for the community

Tereza Kulhánková likes to live in harmony with people and nature. Through the Spižírna initiative, she set up a joint purchasing of local organic products for people in the Tišnov region. As a ViabilityNet 3.0 participant, Tereza led the Dvorek project, where she and other residents created a multi-purpose space called “Dvorek” as a community gathering space and a place where individuals or groups can realize diverse ideas. Despite unexpected changes, they finally succeeded in developing the site and now residents and local associations are using it for their activities. And the journey will continue: Tereza is now seeking to find out who makes up the local community and whether these individuals are conscious of the community-forming roles they play or not.

3D model of Dvorek made by children
Donation of plants for edible garden


Do young people really have the room they need?

Zuzana Šrůmová, a teacher who lives in Roztoky u Prahy, is concerned with the fact that children and young people escape to Prague whenever they can. Along with other Roztoky “patriots”, she tried to find out why they are so eager to leave Roztoky, what young people need and what resources there are for them in Roztoky. Together, they realized that there are plenty of opportunities for young people to get involved in the local community, but that they may lack a space where they can meet. Thanks to her work, youth organizations, town councilors and other relevant players met for the first time in order to look for a solution together. Zuzana is continuing to connect individuals and to look for a space that could be turned into a youth space.

Flea market

From bundt cakes to a fashion show

Although Věra Vávra lives part time in the Czech Republic and part time in Switzerland, her community work is concentrated in the town of Vimperk, gateway to the Šumava mountains. During the ViabilityNet 3.0 program, Věra focused on bringing Vimperk residents together through shared activities. They began with a best bundt cake contest.

community fashion show based on local producers
community event


1,000 trees planted

Petru Vinari is firmly convinced that the environment and local community can only function properly when they join forces. His project took place in the town of Tohatin in Moldova. Aside from planting and caring for trees, he organized a screening of environmental films and a discussion about how to address problems at a local riverside property. The project also involved children by giving them a chance to test the quality of local water sources.