Even though we’re living in uncertain and turbulent times, online giving continues to grow in the Czech Republic. In 2020 donors gave more than $10.7 million (CZK 230 million) through Darujme.cz, our online giving portal, which is an increase of more than $4.6 million (CZK 100 million) from 2019. The total value of gifts donated through Darujme.cz, the biggest online giving portal in the Czech Republic, since it was established in 2010 exceeded $23 million (CZK 500 million) last year. 

Ten years ago, the volume of gifts on Darujme.cz was a few million crowns per year. In the past three years, that volume has grown to tens of millions of crowns per year. In 2020, donors’ generosity surpassed all previous years. While in 2019 we saw a total of $6 million (CZK 128 million) in gifts to charitable causes, in 2020 the sum was over $10.7 million (CZK 230 million).

Over 800 organizations, institutions, municipalities and companies currently use Darujme.cz to raise money for charitable causes. They support culture, community projects, monument restoration, environmental protection and democracy in the Czech Republic. They help children, the elderly and people in crisis. They care for abandoned animals and support people in developing countries.

The growth in giving and passing of the CZK 500 million milestone in 2020 was in part fuelled by companies, which are currently helping reduce the impacts of the pandemic, engaging their employees in philanthropy and adopting socially responsible conduct. In 2020, for example, we designed an online employee fundraising drive for the company Avast. Through the drive, Avast employees contribute to specific projects that they selected. Avast matched every employee gift 5:1. Thanks to gifts from hundreds of employees, over $790,000 (CZK 17 million) was raised to alleviate consequences of the pandemic.

In 2020, we also saw the first municipal online collection on Darujme.cz. The town of Mnichovo Hradiště raised over $9,000 (CZK 198,000) to revitalize a cherry tree alleé and turn it into a community gathering place. They are currently holding another drive to fund a bench in honor of Vaclav Havel.

People gave most during the spring and the number of gifts picked up again during the holiday season, making December a period of unbelievable generosity. Donors also gave much more than in previous years to projects unrelated to the pandemic. The Covid-19 pandemic turned the spotlight onto new themes in giving or areas that had previously remained in the shadows. One example is single parents, while another is independent journalism, to which donors donated millions of crowns in 2020. However, there were some negative phenomena in philanthropy last year – charity events could not be held for most of the year, for example. The traditional Three Kings’ Collection, for instance, was limited to online this year.

The final numbers on giving in the Czech Republic will be available in autumn 2021. But it’s already clear that we can anticipate significant growth, since giving in the Czech Republic was growing three times faster than the economy even before the Covid-19 pandemic. The most recent comprehensive data that we have available are for 2018. The bar chart below shows the evolution of giving in the Czech Republic in recent years.