The Czech Philharmonic dedicated its spring concert to all health care workers caring for covid-19 patients. The public collection, which Via Foundation organized for the concert, raised almost CZK 2.5 million. The proceeds will ensure that overworked health care workers in Czech hospitals receive professional psychosocial assistance. The funds will be used to train volunteers from the health care field to provide psychological assistance and support to their peers in hospitals.

On Thursday, March 25th, the Czech Philharmonic played for the heroes and heroines of our time – to all those whose daily stress levels, exhaustion and helplessness are now at unimaginable levels. The concert, which was part of the Spring Stars series, was led by chief conductor Semjon Byčkov and featured two compositions by Ludwig van Beethoven, the Coriolanus Overture and the Eroica Symphony No. 3, and Danish virtuoso Nikolaj Szeps-Znaider performed the first violin concerto by Max Bruch. People had the opportunity to send in donations during the concert via text messages, directly to the colleciton bank account or via the online giving tool “The results of the public collection to support health care workers organized by Via Foundation on the occasion of the concert surprised us,” admitted David Mareček, CEO of the Czech Philharmonic. “We hadn’t expected it to raise so much. We sincerely thank all donors!”

Training one health care worker to provide psychosocial support to hospital staff costs CZK 17,500. The concert proceeds will make it possible to hold 5 certified courses for heath care workers, who will then be able to act as volunteer psychosocial supporters for their peers in hospitals. 20-30 people can be trained in one course, which means about 140 health care workers will be trained in all. “The

Psychosocial intervention service system and National Center of Nursing and Non-medical Health Care Professions thanks all of the donors for their generous support. Our health care workers treasure both donors’ financial gifts and their heartful messages and what their support means on a symbolic level. Thank you for the energy that you are giving us,” said PhDr. Lukáš Humpl, guarantor of the PharmDr. Jan Šaloun, Ph.D., director of the National Center of Nursing and Non-medical Health Care Professions, in their message to donors.

The goal is to train 1,200 health care workers as volunteer psychosocial supporters in all. This will create a unique network of peer psychological support intervention, both for the current pandemic and for future crises.

The project patron is the Association of Czech and Moravian Hospitals with active support from the Trade Union of Health and Social Care of the Czech Republic. The project will be implemented with the National Center of Nursing and Non-medical Health Care Professions through the Psychosocial intervention service system.

If you have donated through the online giving portal, you will receive a donation confirmation by January 31, 2022. If you sent a gift to the collection bank account and would like a donation confirmation, please contact us at Thank you.