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Via Foundation gives people tools to make a difference where it matters most to them – in their communities. We support efforts that engage residents, strengthen bonds, build trust and increase use of local assets for the good of the community.

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About what we do

  • Divisions in society are increasing and populism is threatening democracy
  • 55% of Czech are not engaged in community life
  • The number of people giving back in the Czech Republic is half of the figure in some Western countries
  • We support engaged citizens collaboratively improving their communities
  • We develop giving and philanthropy
  • We connect people from different walks of life and build trust
  • We give grants and other support to engaged citizens in the Czech Republic and other European countries
  • We operate the largest Czech online giving tool,
  • We develop employee giving in collaboration with companies

What makes us unique

  • For 26 years we’ve been developing community engagement in the Czech Republic.
  • We help create networks of engaged citizens who are changing Czech society from the grassroots.
  • We’ve awarded CZK 800 million in community grants over the past 26 years.
  • For 26 years we’ve been developing philanthropy to make giving a regular part of people’s everyday lives.
  • We help corporations develop employee giving programs.
  • We’ve enabled people to donate a total of CZK 2 billion for good causes through
  • We don’t rely on funding from European Union or Czech government subsidies.
  • We raise funds mostly from individual, corporate and foundation donors and from our endowment.
  • Via Foundation’s work is complemented by our partner organizations, Via Civic Association and Via Clarity.

Feedback from our donors

What I like about Via Foundation is its stability. Anyone who wants to do something long-term should select charitable projects that have been running for some time. For example, Via's Charitable Auction, which was held for the 13th time in 2019, is proof that it isn't a short-term project - it is something that we have been developing together over the long-term. I see stability as a guarantee that what I engage in personally makes sense.“

Jiří Hub, CEO, Asseco Solutions
"Via Foundation is exceptional in a way in the Czech Republic because it supports people coming together to create community. We became donors of Via Foundation because it supports community life and philanthropy. Everyone cares about their own community, the environment they live in and the people they live among which is why I think we should all join Via Foundation in some small way."

Jarmila Baudišová, Chair, Board of Directors, Avast Foundation
"Very often, we realize the vast range of things that can be done through Via Foundation projects to help people come together, be kinder to one another, so that they create a beautiful landscape as well as beautiful relationships. For example, when we go to our cottage in the Šumava mountain region which is located close to a Via-supported project. There we can see how the project has truly helped significantly improve relationships between people in the community."

Radana Waldová and Jirí Wald Owners, Wald Press